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Have you or your child been experiencing difficulty in school? Have you or your child been experiencing a recent change in behavior? Have you wondered why? Testing and assessments can assist a psychologist in answering your questions.

What are tests and assessments?

Tests and assessments are two separate but interrelated components of a psychological evaluation and are used to help a psychologist arrive at a diagnosis and a treatment plan. Testing typically involves the use of formal tests such as questionnaires and checklists. Assessments usually include tools such as norm-referenced psychological tests, informal surveys, interviews, school records, medical records, and observational data. Combined, testing and assessment allows the psychologist to see the complete picture of the individual’s strengths and limitations. Based on the gathered information, the psychologist utilizes the information to best answer your questions.

What type of tools are available?

There are many types of tools that can be utilized to test individuals who are struggling with attention problems (e.g. ADHD) and learning problems (e.g., Learning Disorder), including measures of intellectual ability or intelligence, academic achievement, reaction time, memory, and impulsivity. Often times, psychologists opt to administer measures of mood, anxiety, behavioral functioning, adaptive functioning, or other personality or emotional functioning in order to help in diagnosing and treatment planning. After the initial meeting, the psychologist typically works with the client to determine which measures are most appropriate and useful given the client's presenting concerns.  

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