Silver Linings Counseling

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We are accepting resumes for the following positions:

  • Child Therapist

SLC is looking for therapists to meet the need of our child population (ages 4 through 14) with flexibility to see older teenagers and adults as needed. SLC offers a competitive split as well as a friendly, ethical, team-oriented environment supported with administrative and billing staff.

SLC is seeking a full-time, contractual, licensed Counselor, Social Worker, or Psychologist who is specifically interested and experienced in working with children ages 4 through 14 and able to meet the following requirements:

  • LPC, LMSW, or LP/LLP
  • Demonstrates qualifications/experience in the delivery of child/family specific interventions through child-centered therapy, play therapy, etc.
  • Able to commit to roughly 20 hours direct client contact/week
  • Available to deliver services at times convenient for children and families (i.e. after school hours and/or weekends)
  • Familiar with and fluent in utilizing Electronic Medical/Health Record documentation system
  • Has a successful history of commitment to timely completion of documentation
  • Has knowledge of and historical adherence to ethical standards of licensure and HIPAA
  • Is committed to learning and adhering to policies of SLC

If interested, please submit your resume to [email protected]